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Mark Gaither's book Redemptive divorce is a groundbreaking book on how to utilise American divorce courts in a way which calls a sinning spouse to repentance and genuine reconciliation, while recognising that if the sinner refuses to repent, the divorcing spouse will not be guilty for proceeding with the divorce.

The first half of the book explains the theory and biblical principles of disciplinary divorce. This section is useful for all people including victims of abuse. The second half of the book explains the methodology: how to use the principles when a marriage is on the rocks. Gaither recognises that this methodology is ideal for victims of adultery or simple desertion but is not suitable for abuse. Also, the methods may not be fully applicable to other legal jurisdictions.

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Maschil is a Hebrew word which is thought to mean "prudent" or "insightful". It occurs in Proverbs and Daniel, and is a subtitle in some of the Psalms.

Maschil Press aims to promote insight into the biblical world view, and to expose and advocate against sub-biblical views which have caused pain and grief to the Christian community and the wider population.

Maschil Press does not accept manuscript submissions or query letters from authors or agents. At this stage no change is envisaged for this submission policy.

Expressions of interest regarding cross-promotional arrangements (such as flyer exchanges) between other publishers and Maschil Press will be considered on their merits.

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