NUB-Front-CoverThe Bible DOES allow divorce for domestic abuse. This book explains the scriptural dilemmas of abuse victims in regards to separation and divorce. It examines the scriptures and scholarly research, showing exactly how and why Scripture allows victims of abuse to divorce their abusive spouses.  It also address whether remarriage is permissible for a divorced Christian.

Note: since writing this book, I have changed my mind about church discipline in relation to divorce for domestic abuse. Please read the book in conjunction with my article  Church discipline and church permission for divorce – how my mind has changed.

The Bible distinguishes between treacherous divorce and disciplinary divorce. Disciplinary divorce is permitted by the Bible – this applies in cases of abuse, adultery or desertion, where a seriously mistreated spouse divorces a seriously offending spouse. Treacherous divorce is condemned by the Bible – it occurs when a spouse obtains divorce for reasons other than abuse, adultery or desertion.

Pastors, theologians, survivors of domestic abuse and their friends and family have all benefited from this book.

It is not yet available as an e-book, but I’m intending to update the book in a revised edition which will be published in e-versions as well as paperback.