Jocelyn E. Andersen, Author of "Woman Submit!"

"Filled with biblical references for the abused spouse who has exhausted all reasonable efforts to save the marriage, NOT UNDER BONDAGE, offers hope and freedom to Christians who find themselves victims of domestic abuse and/or violence.

Throughout the book, the author, Barbara Roberts, demonstrates a high regard for marriage, and in no way advocates frivolous divorce for just any reason, but she does show that the scriptures very clearly offer the alternative of separation and/or divorce and even remarriage in cases of abuse and desertion as well as in cases of adultery" (Amazon rank starsstarsstarsstarsstars)

I found this book was an in depth and well researched book on what has been in the past a very contentious subject.

Jocelyn E. Andersen, Author of "Woman Submit!" (Auburndale, FL USA)

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