Barbara Roberts

Barbara Roberts has been raising awareness of domestic abuse within the conservative evangelical church since 1999. She is a survivor of domestic abuse and a conservative Christian who holds to the inspiration and inerrancy of Scripture. She has also read widely in the secular field of domestic abuse, trauma and recovery.

She co-leads the blog A Cry For Justice with Pastor Jeff Crippen where they are seeking to awaken the evangelical church to the evils of domestic violence and abuse in its midst.

Her book Not Under Bondage focuses on the doctrine of divorce for domestic abuse.

She has also written the chapter "Responding to Christian Survivors of Intimate Partner Sexual Abuse" in the multi-author book Intimate Partner Sexual Violence: A Multi-disciplinary Approach to Survivor Support and System Change.

She was converted to Christ in 1981 but for a long time had minimal biblical teaching and lingering confusion due to her former beliefs. She got sidetracked into other areas and did not get to church for nearly 14 years. Unaware that Christians should avoid marrying non-Christians, she married an unbeliever in 1989 and the couple had one daughter.

The marriage gradually became abusive and she occasionally took refuge in a women’s shelter. In 1994 she left her husband and started attending church and Bible study. That was when she became a professing Christian. Child custody was contested but eventually awarded to Barbara, with the husband granted access.

After four years her separated husband made a profession of faith and they reconciled as a married couple. The abuse recurred and she separated for the last time in 1999, divorcing a few years after that.

Many years later, she met a man who attested to being a fellow survivor of domestic abuse, and who assured her that he passionately supported her work on domestic abuse. He appeared to be a genuine Christian. She married this man in 2010 but the marriage ended in 2012 because of abuse. What he said didn't end up matching what he did.

She lives in Victoria, Australia.