How to assess the risk a victim is facing

Assessing the seriousness of risk which a victim may be facing is a skill that can be learned.

Some abusers are more dangerous than others. 

While all abuse can be dangerous to the victim, some victims are at more serious risk than others.

1. For practitioners, I recommend the Common Risk Assessment Framework (CRAF) that is used in Victoria, Australia. Pastors may use the CRAF to increase their awareness and develop skills in supporting victims of domestic abuse.

Victims of abuse may also find the CRAF materials helpful.

You can download the DVDs for CRAF for free. I recommend you watch the first few chapters to start with; you can then look at the rest of the material if you wish.

The material is not Christian but it is wholly consistent with a best-practice Biblical response to domestic abuse.

CRAF has been developed by the Domestic Violence Resource Centre of Victoria in conjunction with Swinburne University, but it is similar to other frameworks used around the world. The Framework includes a training manual, workshops and a DVD.

2. Another risk assessment method that is suitable for the victim herself is the Mosaic Method which is a free anonymous online questionnaire.
3. For Safety Planning, go to the Safety Planning resource page at A Cry For Justice.