Listen to perpetrators, and how abuse affects kids

On the "Talking Life" radio program, Peter Janetzki and Greg King speak to various Christian listeners.

Listen to the program Confronting Domestic Violence. The program is in four tracks. Choose the tracks that interest you by the guide below:

  • a man who is trying to overcome abusive behavior after his relationship has broken down (track A)
  • a man who is trying to overcome authoritarian attitudes towards his wife (track B)
  • a woman who grew up in violent home talking about how it still triggers her (track B)
  • a man who grew up with domestic violence talking about its impact on him (middle of track C)
  • a man who argues that women are just as violent as men (track D)
Peter Janetzki is a family counsellor and radio broadcaster on 96FM (Australia) a Christian radio station. Greg King is a Christian who works with Relationships Australia and facilitates men's groups.