Discussion on divorce — Talking Life Radio

The host, Peter Janetzki, a Christian counsellor, talks with Phil Case, a Presbyterian minister who is divorced. Varying approaches to divorce. Issues of stigma and discrimination. (Track A)

Phil Case explains the views held by three rabbinical schools in Jesus' time, and contrasts the legalistic approach of the rabbis with Jesus' focus on the intent of the heart. Discussion of remarriage. Discussion of abuse. (Track B)

Ruth Graham, daughter of Billy Graham, who has been through three divorces. Listener whose husband went into drugs and adultery but then was restored to God and to the marriage. How the church helped both partners. (Track C)

Ruth Graham describes her marriages. Her first husband had affairs and she became nearly suicidal. She says, "It takes two to build a marriage; it only takes one to destroy it." Her second marriage was violent and she left after three months. In her third marriage her husband left and found someone else. How she grew through it all. In her story she has played all three roles in the parable of the prodigal son. Listener whose mother was abusive and found life better after her parents divorced. Other callers. Phil Case outlines his approach to deciding whether there are grounds for divorce. (Track D)

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