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Resources to address domestic
abuse in a Christian context.

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Biblical Divorce for Abuse, Adultery and Desertion

Under what circumstances does the Bible permit divorce? May a divorced Christian remarry? Christian teaching on divorce and remarriage has varied widely. Interpretation of the biblical texts on divorce and remarriage has been hotly contested and the debate is still very much alive.

Among those most hurt by the uncertainty and lack of consensus are Christian victims of marital abuse (otherwise known as domestic violence, battering, intimate partner abuse, family violence). Such people often think they must choose between two unpleasant alternatives: endure abuse, or face condemnation by God and church people for disobeying the Bible.

Not Under Bondage, written by a survivor of domestic abuse,

Some conclusions of Not Under Bondage are:

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Maschil is a Hebrew word which is thought to mean "prudent" or "insightful". It occurs in Proverbs and Daniel, and is a subtitle in some of the Psalms.

Maschil Press aims to promote insight into the biblical world view, and to expose and advocate against sub-biblical views which have caused pain and grief to the Christian community and the wider population.

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