Not Under Bondage

The Bible DOES allow divorce for domestic abuse.


Not Under Bondage explains the scriptural dilemmas of abuse victims in regards to separation and divorce.

It examines the scriptures and scholarly research, showing exactly how and why scripture allows victims of abuse to divorce their abusive spouses.

The book also address whether remarriage is permissible for a divorced Christian.

The Bible distinguishes between treacherous divorce and disciplinary divorce.

Disciplinary divorce is permitted by the Bible.

Abuse, adultery and desertion are all grounds for disciplinary divorce

Treacherous divorce is condemned by the Bible.

Treacherous divorce occurs when a spouse obtains divorce for reasons other than abuse, adultery or desertion.

Pastors, theologians, survivors of domestic abuse and their friends and family members can all benefit from reading this book.

Some time after I published the first edition of Not Under Bondage, I changed my mind about church discipline and permission to divorce. I had been too prescriptive in advising victims of abuse.

I now proclaim 1 Corinthians 5:11-13 — churches ought to put abusers out of the congregation. Expel them. Disfellowship them. Treat them as unbelievers.  Don’t eat with them. Hand them over to Satan for the destruction of the flesh.

If you buy my book, read it in conjunction with How and why I changed my mind about church discipline and permission to divorce.

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Not Under Bondage is not yet available as an e-book, but I’m intending to publish a revised and updated edition in both paperback and e-versions.