Kriss Mitchell

Kriss Mitchell, Living Well Counselling and Consulting

I picked up a copy of Not Under Bondage because I wanted to see another person’s views on what I have been teaching and counseling for several years now. As a Christian counselor, it can feel as though I am taking on the entire church when I sometimes encourage women to leave abusive relationships.

When I read David Instone-Brewer’s article in Christianity Today, it took a lot of pressure off my shoulders. Coming from an abusive relationship myself, I knew in my spirit that the God I serve could not forbid victims to separate from and divorce their abusive spouses, even if marriage was a “covenant”; but I could never come up with scriptural understanding of why I knew that to be so. There was a point where I just said to myself, “Stop tippytoeing around and just speak the truth as you see it! ”

Not Under Bondage and the articles on Barbara Roberts’ website have provided me with a wealth of information to be able to pass out, and give substantial proof to the knowing within.

I thank Barbara for the work she did to put this in such a cohesive and understandable format. I know that I will be quoting from this book many times as I write my blog articles.

Kriss Mitchell, M.Ed, LPC, CRC, CNHP, Idaho, USA

(Note from Barbara: There is a good library of articles on Kriss’s website, some written by her and some by others; many of which deal with domestic abuse.)