Kylie, Christian survivor of domestic abuse

Not Under Bondage is a very important book for victims of adultery, abuse and desertion who are considering the prospect of divorce. It is also a remarkable resource for those involved in ministry and counselling of these victims.

Roberts, a victim of abuse herself, has taken a large step back from her own experience and determined to investigate, dispassionately, what the entire scriptures have to say about the matter of divorce and its legitimacy.

She has meticulously researched each passage and seeks to provide a cohesive understanding of the scriptures in relation to abuse, adultery and desertion, where seeming contradictions occur. It is my belief that she has achieved this.

Not only that, she has related to the reader the deep conflict and pain that victims feel, how they struggle to come to an understanding of what appropriate actions they can take in these circumstances and the shame and condemnation they often experience.

This book stands as a serious theological examination and should not be easily dismissed.