Phil Groom

Phil Groom, manager of the London School of Theology bookshop

They’re there in every church, in every community, amongst your customers. Not aliens: abused women; but all too often they’re treated like aliens if not like animals. Most are silent: they’ve been beaten into silence, some verbally, some physically; but whether verbal or physical, it’s still abuse; and all too often, instead of becoming a place of refuge and safety for them, churches have become silent partners in their abuse, havens for their abusers.

This book by Barbara Roberts breaks that silence and helps to break down some of the barriers that much Christian teaching and thinking has placed in the way of these women, trapping them in the prisons of their abusive marriages. In the author’s own words, from her post A Hot Potato:

Not Under Bondage differs from other Christian books on divorce in that it focuses primarily on divorce for domestic abuse. It explains the scriptural dilemmas of abuse victims, carefully examines the scriptures and scholarly research, and shows how the Bible sets victims of abuse free from bondage and guilt.

(Originally published at the UK Christian Bookshops blog.)