Rachel Goodchild

Rachel Goodchild, Christian Woman magazine*, July/Aug 2008

For those of us who began our married lives with full intent to stay committed till death us do part, only to find that phrase may have a little more relevance than first thought, this book supplies biblical research to provide reasoned arguments for those of us on the single side of marriage.

It is not an easy read. It is however very well researched and documented and is an ideal resource for anyone involved in the breakdown of Christian marriage, or anyone who is actively counselling or supporting men and women in this area.

The main premise of the book revolves around how law was created to protect those who needed protection. God set up avenues to ensure men and women didn’t need to be threatened with death, endangerment or living with an unfaithful partner.

Barbara has also written an article outlining the reasons many women stay in abuse. A copy of that is available on her website and is well worth a read.

I found this book was an in depth and well researched book on what has been in the past a very contentious subject.

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