William Heth

William Heth — author of Jesus on Divorce: How my Mind has Changed (Southern Baptist Theological Journal)

This book removed the scales from my eyes and brought me face-to-face with the plight of victims of abuse who entered their marriage promising to honor Jesus’ command ‘not to separate what God had joined together’. Several years ago I changed my mind about the scope of this seemingly absolute prohibition.

Not Under Bondage will help you wrestle through the when and the why of how you might be exempted from a marriage covenant that has been violated by various forms of abuse. Roberts is definitely not trying to ‘open the floodgates’ of excuses for divorce.

(William Heth co-authored “Jesus and Divorce” with Gordon J Wenham; some years afterwards he published an article on how his mind had changed. He is also is one of the contributors to “Remarriage After Divorce in Today’s Church”.)